Natural Hypnotherapy-Pleoma Method

Many times the causes of our illnesses find their way to our subconscious. During a session you are conscious but is in a state of deep relaxation and therefore more receptive to a series of guided visualizations. This facilitates an easier access to the subconscious, allowing the mind to transmute old attitudes that may be limiting your well being and vitality.

Focus and importance is given to your full participation and your personal development of the conflict’s transformation and resolution. This way, you are taking back control of your life and redirecting it in the path of your choice.
This method respects personal freedom and individuality as our most valuable possessions.

Preparing yourself and tools for a successful hypnosis treatment:

  • Come with an open mind, readiness and willingness to heal
  • A desire to enjoy a truer life
  • A list of thoughts, concerns you are willing to share and explore

Hypnotherapy is an effective method in the treatment of: Anxiety, compulsions, depression, exhaustion, relationship conflicts, as well as problems with self-confidence, eating disorders, sleep difficulties, phobias and stress among others.

Thanks to its effectiveness it is a great tool to better our health, and helps in finding the way back to a life of self-determination, a valuable and happy life.
It is perfectly complemented with other types of treatments and therapies.


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$85 for 60 minute appointment of Reiki, Arolo Tifar or Active Energy Healing.

$120 for Hypnosis session

Rockaway Community Specials on Mondays and Fridays:

Reiki, Arolo and Active Energy Healing: 30 minute appointment $35. 60 minute appointment, $50

Hypnosis,  $75 per session.

Home visits Rates through out NYC:

$125 for 60 minute appoitnment of Reiki, Arolo Tifar or Active Energy Healing.

$155 for Hypnosis session

To book an appointment please fill out the form bellow or call 917.279.5737


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