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Pleoma and Reiki Association International of USA~ The Amara Healing Center invite you to a:

Free Informative Hypnotherapy Workshop
February 9th @ 6pm at THNYC

Hypnotherapy is an effective method in the treatment of: 

Anxiety, compulsions, depression, exhaustion, relationship conflicts, as well as problems with self-confidence, eating disorders, sleep difficulties, phobias and stress among others.

Thanks to its effectiveness it is a great tool to better our health, and helps in finding the way back to a life of self-determination, a valuable and happy life.

It is perfectly complemented with other types of treatments and therapies such as ThetaHealing.

Why Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy helps you overcome obstacles and boosts your abilities and assets. Through this healing technique we can reach deep levels of the subconscious and access the root of the problem. During a session the person is conscious but in a state of deep relaxation and therefore more receptive. With just a few sessions positive effects can be observed. Since the previous requirement for the success of the treatment is self-knowledge, focus and importance is given to the person’s full participation, allowing for personal development of the  conflict’s resolution, transforming and dissolving the problem,  granting the person to take back control of his or her life and redirecting it in the path of their choice. 
This method respects personal freedom and individuality
as our most valuable possessions.

What makes the Pleoma technique so special?

  • Pleoma is a therapeutic method which is especially designed for healing purposes. Teaching six different hypnosis techniques, all based on well-known approaches, such as Milton Erickson or Hanscarl Leuner, but specifically aiming at and developed further for problem solving. The techniques work at different levels of hypnotic trance, which enables the therapist to respond individually to the patients needs.

  • A main focus of the training is to reach a new way of understanding ourselves from a spiritual point of view: the Pleoma-techniques place our life and the life of our patients in a spiritual context. Why do we choose our families, partners or illnesses? Our “problems” are part of what we want to learn in this life. We deal with the questions “Where do I come from?“ “What do I want in this life?“ and “Where do I go?“

  • How and why do we develop behavior patterns and programs which are controlling us unconsciously during our entire life?

  • The whole training represents at the same time an intensive time of personal growth and reprocessing of our personal set of problems.

  • Limited number of participants allows an intensive and personal care and supervision for all participants, both during learning progress as well as their own personal development.

  • The Pleoma-Method requires no previous qualifications and can be studied by any person interested in healing oneself and others.

For questions and/or to register email laura.amarahealing@gmail.com or text Laura Frank 917.279.5737; walk-ins are welcome!

And in the news today!  The Wave

And in the news today! The Wave

Link to Grammy Award Winner, Esperanza Spalding.

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